More than 1,500 establishments listed between 1816 and 1869 !

One of the SGP’s first goals was to establish a list of historic hotels, pensions and other accommodations for tourists. This preliminary research was done with the help of nineteenth-century guide books and some travelogues, including the celebrated Swiss Journal of Miss Jemima Morrell. We mainly used five guide books :

  • The 1816 edition of Henry Coxe’s The Traveller’s Guide in Switzerland
  • The 1817 edition of Ebel’s Manuel du voyageur en Suisse
  • The 1841 edition of Adolphe Joanne’s Itinéraire descriptif et historique de la Suisse
  • The 1867 edition of Murray’s Handbook to Switzerland
  • And the 1869 edition of Baedeker’s Switzerland, handbook for travellers

Based on these, we were able to build our first database, in which we included no less than 1524 hotels and pensions!  Although the primary objective was to list only Swiss establishments, we have also listed those neighbouring countries’ hotels  also mentioned in the Swiss guide books. In total, we have indexed 1356 establishments for Switzerland, 69 for Italy, 65 for France, 25 for Austria and 8 for Germany.

For example, here are the names of the establishments we have found for city of Lucerne:
Schweizerhof, Luzerner Hof, Englischer Hof, Schwan, Hôtel du Rigi, Waage, Hôtel du Lac, Hôtel des Alpes, The Adler, Rössli, Hôtel de la Poste, Mohren, Hirsch, Krone, Kreuz, WilderMann, Worley (pens.), Kaufmann (pens.), Morell (pens.), Beaurivage (pens.), Faller (pens.), Dommann (pens.), Suter (pens.), Suter (pens.), Tivoli (pens.), Seeburg (pens.), Pitzger (pens.), Döpfner (pens.), Bellevue (pens.), New Schweizerhaus (pens.), Sonnenberg (pens.), Blättler (pens.).

This research has also enabled us to identify major tourist flows from the late 18th to late 19th centuries, which we will then use in the next step of the project, which will be to focus on certain itineraries, sites and tourist establishments in order to hopefully discover surviving guestbooks.