The SGP is progressing slowly but surely !

It has now been three months since the Swiss Guestbook Project was initiated. During this time, we have been able to develop two databases: the first one is a list of historic establishments in Switzerland and some neighboring countries (see entry of 30 March), and the second one is a list of all the guestbooks/visitors books/registers that we have been able to locate so far.

To create this second database, we have mostly prospected in communal and cantonal archives in the French part of Switzerland (Cantons of Neuchâtel, Vaud, Geneva and Valais). So far, we have found the guestbooks of 34 hotels and 2 restaurants, as well as 130 mountain hut registers (thanks to the Alpine Museum in Bern) as well some documents linked to our project, including the Gazette des Étrangers de Lausanne-Ouchy which listed foreigners staying in hotels of that city.

Sans titreGazette des Étrangers de Lausanne-Ouchy, year XXXIII,  week n°33, 13 august 1927 (photo courtesy of Archives de la ville de Lausanne)

We also have started to develop collaborations, including with Mrs. Evelyne Lüthi-Graf of Swiss Hotel Archives, and we wish to pursue others, including with the Alpine Museum in Bern. All the people or institutions linked to the SGP can be found in the Research Group page or in the Links. We take this opportunity to thank them all for their help.

The three simultaneous next steps of the project will be :

1) to contact old but still active hotels in Switzerland in order to present them our project and ask them if they have visitors books, starting with the Suisse Romande.

2) to continue to extend the project to other research groups in Switzerland and develop collaborations with institutions

3) to raise funds from private and public organizations, including the National Fund Switzerland or/and the Loterie Romande