Field Trip to the Grisons

Last December, Jeremie was lucky to spend two weeks photographing visitors’ books in the Grisons. We are very grateful to the Badrutt Palace in St. Moritz and the Kronenhof & Bellavista in Pontresina for hosting us and giving us access to their archives.

The Badrutt Palace at the center of St. Moritz.

The Badrutt Palace holds visitors’ books from 1896 until 1935 as well as books from the former Hotel Beau-Rivage, from 1884 to 1894, and the Hotel Caspar Badrutt, from 1872 to 1894. The two hotels eventually merged and became the Badrutt Palace in 1896. In Pontresina, the Kronenhof has conserved its visitors’ books from 1879 to 1939.

The Kronenhof in Pontresina.

In addition, Jeremie visited the Kulturarchiv Oberengadin in Samedan. The cultural center, which is also home to a museum, stores a rich collection of archives from the Engadine valley. We are very thankful to them for helping us sort through their vast inventory. We were able to find several visitors’ books from the region, including additional visitors’ books from the Kronenhof in Pontresina, as well as books from the Hotel Adler, the Weisses Kreuz, the Hotel Saratz and the Engadinerhof, all in Pontresina.

The Kulturarchiv Oberengadin in Samedan.

We wish to give special thanks to Evelyne Lüthi-Graf, director of the Swiss Hotel Archives, who helped us organize this wonderful research trip. The expedition allowed us to add 30 visitors’ books to the list!

The view from Jeremie’s workstation at the Badrutt Palace.